“If you eat good, you feel good.” Those are the words that Carl Koenemann has been living by for as long as he can remember.

Carl Koenemann started cooking when he was very young. Carl’s mother was a nighttime nurse, so Carl would stay with his Italian grandmother when his mom had to work. Instead of doing his own thing, Carl made it a point to become close with his grandma. They spent countless hours in the kitchen – this is where Carl was first exposed to the art of cooking.

Carl remembers experimenting with cooking as early as 5 years old. The first dish he remembers trying to recreate was a grilled cheese. Without hesitation, he threw some butter and two slices of cheese in the pan. The outcome was a smoke filled kitchen and an unhappy mother who had turned her back for only a second to work on a salad for dinner.

When Carl Koenemann got into high school, he considered whether he wanted to turn this hobby into a profession by becoming a chef. A couple of his friends enjoyed cooking; they would regularly bounce recipes off one another and spend summer afternoons creating meals.

Carl eventually decided to pursue a career in Finance; his passion for cooking, however, lived on. In college, he would cook Sunday dinners for his close friends.

Carl Koenemann learned to cook from watching his Italian grandmother.

Carl Koenemann learned to cook from watching his Italian grandmother.

Now, Carl exchanges recipes with a close friend Andy Elliot who is currently a chef at GT Fish and Oyster in Chicago. They both enjoy experimenting with new foods while also trying to keep dishes as healthy as possible.

Carl’s favorite dish is chicken cacciatore – an Italian dish that includes tomatoes, onions, herbs and bell peppers. To keep it light, Carl regularly substitutes spaghetti squash for the noodles.

Carl has experimented with many different dishes: octopus, lamb, bison and west coast oysters are just a few. He has become quite good at shucking over the years.

“The most interesting thing I’ve done is experimenting with live lobster – the only food that bites back a short time before eating.”

All in all, Carl Koenemann has put together over 20 original recipes. He will regularly update this site with each of his recipes. These recipes not only taste good – they’re also healthy for you.

Carl Koenemann has a variety of cooking tendencies.

“Italian and Mediterranean are my staples but I can make a mean guacamole and some enchiladas. I am a garlic head – I love adding it to a variety of dishes.”

While Carl likes to eat healthy, he also focuses on exercising properly. He has tried a variety of workout routines – Bigger Faster Stronger, yoga, Crossfit, 12 Week Trainer… you name it, Carl has tried it. Carl Koenemann has been interested in fitness for as long as he can remember and makes a point of including exercise in his daily routines.

“In high school I was an athlete. Well, let’s be honest, I was on the team. No amount of practice was going to make me an all-star but I quickly found something I could control – my progress in weight room. I went from lifting weights in my bedroom to falling in love with the weight room, track, and plyometric boxes.”

No matter what skill level you are at, this site will offer you tips & tricks that will help you quickly get yourself into shape. The exercises included can be done at home or at the gym.

“Fitness is a way of living. If we don’t make a point to make that way of living reasonable, attainable, and practical, even the most in shape people will fall away.”

For those beginners who are looking for a reasonable plan to start I suggest looking here:

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