6 of the best fitness devices on the market

The popularity of fitness tech has grown astronomically in recent years. Selecting the best device has become difficult as buyers are inundated with options. Here’s a few of the best to help you sift through the sea of fitness technology market.

1: Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale:

While it may just look like a regular modernly designed digital scale, the Fitbit Aria is equipped with a suite of features that make it quite useful for those already using fitbit products. The Aria accurately detects one’sbody fat percentage, perhaps a more telling statistic than absolute weight regarding a truly healthy body. Furthermore, the Aria will automatically recognize a user each time they use the scale, after initial setup, and will save the statistics over time. One can track these stats, and gauge their progress via the fitbit interface. The Aria cost $130, and can be purchased at Fitbit.com

2. Withings Activité:

The Activite from Withings

The Activite from Withings

Many are put off with many of the popular wearable fitness technology items by their blocky and industrial feel. For those who want to stay classy while tracking their fitness, the Withings Activé is a great fit. The Activé has the capability of tracking basic stats such as miles walked, sleep, and daily steps. Your daily steps appear in analog form on the device, but it uploads other statistics to the Health Mate app which provides the user with more details. The Activé is far and away the best looking fitness tracker on the market, but is lacking features compared to other options such as the Fitbit or Jawbone.

3. Skulpt.me: This device differntiates itself from many of the fitness devices on the market as it track progress by measuring the user’s activity level (i.e. daily steps, sleep), but provides a holistic snapshot of the body’s health. Somewhat incredibly, the gadget scans any part of the body, and measures the body fat percentage, and muscle quality. Skulpt.me can be a great tool for those who beginning a fitness regimen as it takes some time to see superficial results, but real improvements are occurring beneath the skin.

Fitbit Surge™ Fitness Super Watch

Fitbit Surge™ Fitness Super Watch

4. Fitbit Surge Fitness Super Watch: There seems to be an endless number of tracking bracelet options on the market, many of which are indistinguishable in both design and function. The Surge however separates itself from the pack. This device has the capability to track and measure any statistic you could possibly imagine. This “super watch” comes equipped with a built in heart rate monitor making for a much more accurate measure of how many calories one burned throughout the day. Furthermore, it allows you to see the degree of exertion of your workout: peak, fat burn, or cardio. The Surge also boats a GPS, and allows you to search for and flip through an array of workouts. You can finally leave your phone while going for a job as this watch  has the ability to show you social media updates, text messages, and plays music.

5. Smart Yoga Mat: Although it may not serve as a complete replacement for a visit to the yoga studio, the smart yoga mat comes quite close.  Sensors are embedded inside of the mat ensuring that you optimizing your yoga technique and performance. The mat delivers data to an iPad which provides the user with the number of calories burned, an alignment score, and various other stats. The Smart Yoga Mat is scheduled to be released at the end of the summer, so be sure to pre-order the device.

6. Bragi Dash Smart Earphones: These cordless earphones are one of the most powerful products on the market today. They serve as great headphones while running, but offer a range of other features. They provide the user with great fitness tracking data once synced with the phone app.  Such features include  monitoring one’s heart rate, body temperature, oxygen saturation, pace variation, and more.

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