7 Tips for Fitness Newbies

Staying healthy and getting fit are very challenging. There is a ton of information, much of which is not applicable to you or just plain erroneous and unhealthy. It is ever tougher when you are new to fitness and are just looking to get started down a good path. Here are 7 helpful tips for people that are new to fitness.

1. Explore changes to your daily habits and behaviors

Perhaps you have a goal of losing 20 pounds by a certain date, but that won’t come easy or thanks to one singular action. Your daily habits and behaviors have a longer term influence on you reaching your desired results.

2. Adopt the Pareto principle (80/20 rule)

Although this is borrowed from the business world, the 80/20 rule is a great rule to employ when sifting through the volumes of information that is out there as you start your fitness journey. For business; 20 percent of your customers represents 80 percent of your sales. We can adapt that to: 20 percent of your time leads to 80 percent of your results. Always look for the methods and advice that will give the most value to your goal.

Seven great tips for anyone who is beginning to work out

Seven great tips for anyone who is beginning to work out

3. Know that there are different paths to healthy eating

Healthy eating is not just eating the most obscure meals under the impression that they are good for you. What’s good for you may not always taste good for you, and there are plenty of palate pleasing foods that are good for you.

4. Get a good amount of sleep

Lack of sleep affects our bodies in many ways, including increasing hunger cravings which will cut into any result achieved thus far in your fitness journey. Sometimes, people devote more time to working out – which on top of an already busy schedule throughout the day can mean less sleep at night. Avoid that, sleep is your greatest ally.

5. Find the right workout program for your specific goals

Just as there are many paths to healthy eating, there are also many paths to reaching the rest of your goals. Finding a workout program you enjoy can mean the difference between sticking to it or giving up early on if you feel that you aren’t getting results.

6. Don’t be a prisoner to your diet

While sticking to your diet is important, it is not important (and not even encouraged) to be too strict with your diet. A slice of cake or a few glasses of wine will not ruin your efforts up to that point. Being discipline, i.e. having just ONE slice of cake as opposed to three, no matter how delicious the cake is, is more important.

7. Your self-worth is not determined by your body

For anyone looking to start getting into the fitness world, it is also important to maintain a healthy mindset. While it is okay to strive toward a certain look, always be aware that your self-worth is not determined by you reaching that mental image of what you want to look like.

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