Good Ways to Track Progress in Fitness Level

One of the most important aspect of any fitness regimen or dieting plan is being able to determine the level of efficacy of your efforts. Many people believe that you need access to a high-tech fitness lab to effectively measure your results, but this simply is not true. There are a few simple things which you can track that will help you keep a tab on your success. Here are five fitness tests that will help you determent your general fitness level.

Cardiorespiratory Capacity or V02max

If you’ve seen the fitness TV spots featuring Olympic and Professional Athletes running on treadmills with masks on, the you have seen tests for V02max. Simply put, these tests are trying to determine how efficiently these athletes are utilizing oxygen while exerting energy. However, you do not need all of this fancy equipment in order to track this. Simply go to your local track, and be sure to bring your stopwatch. Run for twelve minutes and track your distance. Then use this online tool to help you figure out your personal V02Max.

One-Rep Max

Carl Koenemann Fitness 1Most people who log significant time in the weight-room have probably know of this test. This is because it was one the most effective manners with which to track improvements. However, experts warn against novices trying to lift their maximum weight in just one rep. They point to the Brzycki equation a a great alternative. This equation can take data from a multi-rep set, and quite accurately predict what your one-rep max would be.

Muscular Endurance

Muscular Endurance tracking includes both push and sit-up tests, as well as plank tests. You can compare your results to the general population by using an online tool provided by ExRx.

Regarding the pushup test, simply do as many repetitions of push ups as you can. Keep in mind that maintaining proper form is absolutely imperative in determining true improvement.

For the sit-up test, complete as many reps as you can in a minute time window. For best results, use a partner to hold own your feet.

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