How To Make Your Own “Instant Noodles”

If you love Ramen noodles, but feel terrible about indulging in the MSG-filled, sodium packed noodles then you should simply make you own (and it’s much simpler than you could ever imagine).

These recipes are a product of pure genius. Inside of a jar, you need to place a combination of par-cooked noodles, some vegetable base, and just a couple of your favorite seasonings. Pour in boiling water, patiently wait several minutes, and then it is done. You’ve successfully made yourself a delicious concoction with all the robust flavors of ramen noodles, but a much fresher, complex, and healthier version. The versatility of this concept is what makes these instant noodle jars so fantastic. You can create almost any flavor profile you want. I’ll discuss a few different options.

Spicy Kimchi Beef Flavor

For this particular version, you are going to want to use a beef base, beef jerky, kimchi, chili-garlic sauce, scallions, and some noodles. Selecting a premium quality flavor base is absolutely essential. Do not use the powdered stuff or your finished product will not be all that different from the Ramen noodles that you are trying to improve upon.  To achieve the best results, you should opt for a moist base with a robust proportion of actual meat. Throw it in the jar (around a tablespoon of this should suffice).

RamenNext, add the kimchi and chilli-garlic sauce. Using old kimchi with lots of its picking juice will give you a very sour flavor. The sauce is the ingredient that provides the heat to this dish (you can make it as spicy as you wish). Then thinly sliced shiitake mushrooms and add them on top of the mix. This is when you should introduce the beef jerky. Cut the beef jerky into squares and then throw the into the jar. Next, put the noodles in this mix. You can use an array of noodles including the pre-cooked ramen variety or pre-cooked chinese-style egg noodles. Alternatively, you could try vietnamese style rice noodles. Now you should add some hot water as you would if you were making Ramen noodles. Close the lid, and wait until the ingredients are hot and ready to consume. You should begin to add the fresh elements to the jar.  Chow down and enjoy!

Note: Be audacious in the kitchen and experiment with a variety of flavors.

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